Yellow Cake Doughnuts

Yellow Cake Doughnuts

Yellow Cake Doughnuts


1 box of Yellow Cake Mix


Chocolate Icing

Vanilla Icing

Chocolate Chips

Canned Cherries


Guys, this is the most super easy recipe ever! This is all semi-homemade. I followed the directions on the yellow cake mix box and put the batter in a large freezer bag to make for easy pouring into the doughnut mold ( these can be purchased at your local big box store). I snipped a small opening at one corner of the bag and began the pouring process. You bake as directed. For toppings, I made a homemade ganache & vanilla buttercream ( you can get the recipe on my page) but guess what ?! you can also use Chocolate and Vanilla icing ready made if you are in a time crunch. I used a small spatula to ice the doughnuts and added the toppings as desired. Some are sprinkled, some are powered sugar, some I added cherry topping. This can be as simple or as complicated as you like. This is a great family recipe and can be accomplished with little time in the kitchen. As it goes, Time to Make the Doughnuts can be fun and easy! Enjoy!

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