Asian Style Boneless Spare Ribs

Asian Style Boneless Spare Ribs


1 2lb package of boneless ribs

2 heaping tablespoons of honey

2 tbs of soy sauce ( 1 tbs for seasoning, 1 tbs for sautéing)

1 teaspoon sea salt ( you can use table salt if you don't have sea salt)

3 garlic cloves finely chopped

1/2 teaspoon ground pepper

1/2 teaspoon powered ginger

2 tbs EVOO


In a shallow dish, season your ribs with everything except the honey, garlic and EVOO. Set your Instant Pot to 'saute'. Coat the bottom of your pan with the EVOO. Add the garlic and move it around so it doesn't stick. Place your ribs in the pot, side ways ( this allows to space them out nicely). After 2 minutes, flip them on the other side ( repeat this until all side have touched the bottom of the pan). Once your meat is braised, Add the honey and 1 tbs of soy sauce. Turn off the pot, and then, top the pot and set on "Meat" for 6 minutes. Release the pressure once it is done. Remove your lid carefully and you will see some gorgeous ribs waiting for you! Turn off your pot, and set it back to saute for 3 minutes, this will be enough time to caramelize the honey/soy mixture. Once the cycle is done, remove the ribs . I was able to take the bits on the bottom of the pan and use it as a sauce! Guys- this took all of 22 minutes start to finish!

Sorry for the iPhone pic!  I will add a professional one soon!

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